Heading away on holiday or going to be late home from work? We can provide a friendly pop in service for cats and small furries whilst your are away.

We follow your pets usual feeding routine and can even do longer visits for playtime or extra attention, minimising stress and anxiety that can occur during your time apart. It also relieves you of the hassle of traveling to and from the cattery!

All pet duties will be carried out where necessary; feeding, change water, cleaning of litter tray, brushing, playtime, cleaning of pet areas and any accidents and medication. In addition, we also provide home security, making your home looked ‘occupied’ by carrying out basic home duties; bringing in the post, switching lights on/off, closing/opening curtains and putting the bins and recycling out/in. Other duties, such as water plants, can also be carried out by request.

Visits can be anything from 15 minutes to an hour. Longer visits can accommodate extra time for cuddles and playtime or extra attention, ideal for kittens, elderly or ill cats.

For your peace of mind, we send you regular updates of your pet via Whatsapp or Facebook.

Call us on 07894 648 020 to discuss your requirements prior to booking.