A busy Salty Sea Dog takes maintenance to look it's best. Sadly its a fact that our crew love to roll, wallow and smear as much of 'nature' on to them as they can find, so to ensure they are kept in tip top condition we advise a 6 weekly groom and nail trim. We can arrange for a wash and brush up for any of our crew members and will even take them to the groomers and drop them home for a small charge. We regularly visit the lovely Sara at Hairez on Station Road, Perranporth. Sara has a small set up in her summer house, located in the cottage garden of her home.

There's no long wait in a crate, little noise (apart from the birdies) and her partner Damian is often on hand and insists on some playtime in the garden before they head home. Sara is super with the dogs and they come back looking and smelling fantastic. For appointments, let us know what you need including transport or call Sara direct on 07896644189