Remember Remember the dog next door might not like fireworks...

It’s Nov 5th, remember remember the 5th of November… mulled wine, sparklers, pumpkin soup, gloves, hats, family and terrified pups. There are so many hints and tips on what you can do to help alleviate your best friends anxiety during fireworks night, some of which help and some i personally have never had any luck with.

Fireworks are scary and we must remember (remember) that our dogs don’t benefit from seeing the beautiful colours and quite honestly fireworks night is a bit of a traumatic ordeal. There are lots of ways to enjoy fireworks night without scaring the bejesus out of Rex.

1) From a distance - take a long hike up a hill far away from a town centre or beach front (where normal displays are held), sure you’ll still probably be able to hear them but it will be much less intense.

2) On the TV - Turn down the TV itself and put on some music that will drown out some of the noise - we don’t have hearing like our four legged friends so they will still be able to hear it a little but this can help.

3) Keep things normal - If you start blacking out windows and hammering up insulation in your lounge you’re going to stress your dog out even more with all the disruption. Our pals feed off of our actions so try and keep things normal and stress free.

4) Tags - We should always have our dogs wearing collars and tags anyway, but you never know what’s going to spook them and they might, in a flash of panic, make a sprint into the night so ensure someone can find you if this does happen.

5) Ask your neighbour - If you want fireworks but your neighbour has pets then be kind and ask them if they mind or make a community group and head off somewhere away from scaredy pups and go enjoy the fireworks together in a more desolate location…call it a night time adventure!

I hope everyone has a nice fireworks night and you all stay safe!